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The idea is simple, sharing your pictures by category, in order to make them available for many people arround the world.

A single picture of the beach in front of your house may seem so simple in your eyes, but a great thing to see for people from far away arround the world ! Sharing a single nice picture could be so great for anyone. I'm sure that the picture you share here will run arround the world. (That's why i try to translate the site in english!)

You can post your pictures/photos on the site in Jpeg format only. You have to be the author of the photos, and allowing anyone to use it for any purpose. The "Photos pour tous" website is an open site on wich only free pictures free of rights have to be uploaded.

If you want to limit the usage of your photos, you can resize the picture to a 800 pix width, so visitors will only get a small sized pic, so you'll keep the original high quality for your own usage, therefore, users won't be able to print high quality pages from your pictures.

Providing your E-Mail will allow visitors to send you messages through the website using a special contact form. Your E-mail adress will stay confidencial, no-one will be able to get this, except if you respond to the message ! I won't sell any email adresse! As spam is really a bad trip, i really take care of this point.

Because of privacy, i can not validate pictures with identifiable people on it. I can only accept picture on wich i can't recognize any person. This point because of many laws in different countries ask for this privacy.

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